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Older Projects or Experiments
Tesla Capsule
The Tesla Capsule, an autonomous urban vehicle, offers a personalized and stress-free ride, catering to both the general population and individuals hesitant about driving, including the elderly. With its compact design, parking and maneuvering in urban areas are effortless. The vehicle's nearly identical length and width, along with quick-swappable side batteries and in-wheel motors, ensure a spacious interior. Its small size even allows it to seamlessly integrate with the hyperloop for extended travel. The Tesla Capsule stands as a valuable addition to Tesla's lineup.
Exterior Design
The Tesla Capsule, designed for urban use, prioritizes universal accessibility with a user-friendly approach for all ages. Avoiding sharp edges in the design, the exterior features a glass-rich cabin and a stable four-corner wheel placement. The front doubles as the entrance, with a unique door design: the lightweight top half opens upward, while the sturdy bottom half folds down, creating a built-in doorstep.
Interior Design
Started with a unique layout but opted for practicality. Seats are now individually adjustable with dual-zone features. Improved accessibility by having seats move forward during door openings, making it easier for everyone, especially the elderly, to get in and out.
Lynk-Co Roadster
Citroen 2EV
The design preserves key features of the 2CV, fostering a connection with the outside world within a compact form factor chassis. I'm also exploring the possibility of driving the 2EY with open doors through the concept of rotating door openings. This feature allows users to fully open the door while driving, providing an opportunity to enjoy the view, whether on a beach or along a country trail.

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