Hi! I’m Jackson Zhang

a digital oriented automotive designer & CGI artist
Nissan Xander
A mid-size electric pick-up truck that exceed full-size capability
Mercedes Benz EQ All-Terrain
An electric crossover that let people explore nature and find peace
Polestar Photon
The ultimate Polestar race car
Porsche 619
Porsche electric performance bike
Genesis Oasis
Embrace the emptiness
GAC Time Concept
Interior concept design & visualization
GAC Production Design
Interior Design for Production Cars
Past Projects Archieve
Older Projects or Experiments

My experience

I am an undergraduate at Art Center Collage of Design. I have been participate in the design and visualization in my previous internships.

Exterior Design
Sep 2022 — Dec 2022
Interior and Exterior Design Participation
Nov 2021 — Sep 2022
Interior Internship
May 2021 — Nov 2021
Hyundai Blender Instructor
Blender Modeling and Animation Instructor
Jul 2021 — Aug 2021

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