Genesis Oasis

Jackson (Ext) , Ao (Int) , Yenny (Env)
Genesis Oasis is a concept that pursues a key Korean aesthetic value: the beauty of emptiness. We believe that the "Less is more" design helps users achieve spiritual freedom and find a tranquil mind. In this busy world that we live in, being able to find a getaway and release the stress is the new kind of luxury.

Exterior Design

Designed by Jackson Zhang
This luxury cruiser embodies the Genesis design language with a sleek focus on two defining lines. Inspired by "less is more," I embraced a minimalist approach, opting for a futuristic feel through subtle design choices like the transition from clear to frosted glass, a 3D roof pattern, and a stylish interplay of glossy black and metallic silver. The Genesis matrix texture adds a refined touch throughout the vehicle.

Interior Design

Designed by Ao Zhou, modeled by Jackson Zhang

Installation Design

Designed by Yenny Zhang, modeled by Jackson Zhang
Genesis Oasis offers a unique retail experience through city pop-ups and nature installations, aiming to provide users with tranquility and spiritual freedom. Two touchpoints are created: 1. "Nature in the City" pop-ups offer peaceful getaways in urban areas. 2. "Us in Nature Landscape" installations blend Genesis Oasis with the wild, leveraging nature as an advertising platform to embrace emptiness.