GAC Time Concept

Interior Design, Part Design, & Visulizations
GAC Time, a fully electric luxury concept car revealed at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, features an innovative design with an element of emptiness. This creates a mobile living room experience that slows down time, offering users a respite in the fast-paced era and promoting inner self-focus through white empty space.
My Participation
I'm happy to have played a role in designing GAC Time. I learned a lot from my colleagues, especially in interior design and visualization. I worked on everything from the initial layout and theme exploration to detailed component design. It was a great experience for me.
Teaser Image design
I have designed some teaser images for Pre-release contents. They are all inspired by the form and components from our TIME concept. Those images also provide the theme of our concept that is the time is by your side.
The path of the design development is heavily effected by how we visualize it in real life. Part of my job is to work with other interior designers and CMF designers delivering authentic visualizations.
Components Design & Modeling
I designed many components in the GAC Time concept. I start my explorations with pencil sketches. Then make models using blender. Pictures below are the showcases of some of many parts that I designed.
Organic wood floating IP
decorated with metal trim and natural elements.
Water Ripple Floor
Inspired by water ripple, modeled procedurally using Blender.
Infinity Mirror & Translucent Patterns
Infinity mirror combined with illuminated transparent panel with patterns. This part here is the center of rear seat back.
Rear Center Spine
Center spine above the rear interior deck. This unique and detailed design feature is the focal point when you look at the car from behind.
CMF Visualizations
I worked along CMF Designers to come up with CMF variations, which also include 3D-pattern design and lighting design.
Physical Model
Pictures GAC TIME concpet physical model in real life.