GAC Production Design

Production Interior Design, Component Design
GAC E8 Center Console
By subtracting a block of volume from the main tube structure, I created a functional area that is fully intergrated with in the structure. I then carefully crafted every single instrument on the tube to showcase that sophisticated sportiness of the car. The wireless charger is designed to let
The wireless charger is positioned at a 45-degree angle, half-submerged in the center console. This intentional design ensures that the phone remains easily accessible while maintaining a nonintrusive presence.
GAC E8 Crystal Door Handle
The handle of the sliding door is made of crystal, illuminated from behind with LED. The caustics of the light are then casted on the door, creating a unique experience for the passenger.
GAC 2023 GS3 Gem Gear Selector
The monostable shifting paddle is meticulously crafted to showcase the vehicle's sophisticated sportiness, preserving the elegant push-and-pull shifting gesture. This is achieved through a metallic ring structure enveloping the gem-like crystal at the center, creating a sculptural focal point in the interior.