Polestar Photon

Polestar Photon is the ultimate Polestar race car for the new electric generation of racing. Polestar is known for its electric performance and minimalistic design philosophy. This car is destined to exemplify the seamless fusion of electric power and remarkable speed. Notably, the chassis and exterior are cohesively developed, recognizing the intrinsic significance of mechanical components in the realm of race cars.

Chassis Design

The chassis plays a pivotal role in a race car. I believe that the arrangement and structure of raw mechanical components will introduce unexpected elements to the final design. Consequently, after thorough research, this racing chassis was meticulously developed in harmony with the car's exterior.
Hyper electric racing chassis
Powered by a high-performance, well-balanced chassis, this car boasts a strategic component arrangement, including two 500W rear motors and one 500W front motor. The forward driver positioning enhances immersion and handling, while 100kWh battery modules behind ensure balanced weight distribution.

Exterior Design

The chosen design theme for the race car, named "ground sucker," prioritizes essential performance with a low-profile structure that incorporates a distinctive line from the sketches.
Essential powertrain, lightweight panels
During the design process, numerous sketches were created to determine the desired architecture and theme. The chosen theme, named "the ground sucker," emphasizes essential performance for this race car. Body shells envelop the main powertrain platform, ensuring a low profile while meeting performance requirements. The design is inspired by a distinctive line in the sketches, running from the side of the car, under the rear fender bridge, and extending to the rear.
Sketch model development
With a rough architecture and theme in mind, I use Blender to create the sketch model. I find it comfortable to experiment and make changes in 3D. The alterations include the front fascia, tail light shape, wheels, and more.
Final Design
Livery Design